Telling you more about ourselves: who are we and what are our plans? | DUTCHVENTURA

Telling you more about ourselves: who are we and what are our plans? | DUTCHVENTURA

Since the moment we started Dutchventura, we received questions about who we are, what we do, and what Dutchventura stands for. Let’s clear some things out. 

Who are we?

We are Sara and Michelle, both 21-year-old students, born and living in the Netherlands.

We met at elementary school when we were 8 years old, so we know each other for 13 years already! From the moment we met, we’ve always spent a lot of time together.

We used to live very close to each other so we would often walk to each other’s houses.

Even though we went to different high schools and went to different universities three years ago, we would still see each other at least once a week. 

We are both adventurous types. Seeing new places gives us more energy. The last trip that we went on together was going to Finland. We’ve added some photos of it under this blog 🙂

We are currently both studying (a different study) in Utrecht. During our study, we learned more about starting our own business and felt like that’s something we would love to do.

We think that when having a job, you should do something that you enjoy spending time on, having no difference between a Monday or a Friday. We also like the idea that you’re able to decide more things by yourself and that you’re less dependent on other people and/or companies.


Why did we start Dutchventura?

We wanted to start something together, not only because we’ve always wanted to work on something together, but also so that we could learn from and gain experience in starting our own business. We came up with different ideas. A lot of them were things that people are already doing. At one moment we were like; why don’t we focus our business on something that we’re already planning to do? Michelle was planning to buy a Dax, because we wanted to travel together during the holiday. So we decided to something with this, since it’s something that we haven’t seen before, two ladies riding a Dax. 

What is Dutchventura?

Because we’re not that experienced and well-known with Daxes, we didn’t only want to focus on this. With Dutchventura we will share our experiences, photo’s/video’s and stories about traveling and other things that we like to do that focusses on exploring the world.

With this, we would like to inspire other young-adults to use your freedom to go outside more and see more of this beautiful world we live in. 

How did you divide the tasks?

The things that we’re currently doing are posting content on Instagram, creating videos for YouTube of our rides, and writing blogs for our website. Since Michelle has more knowledge about Instagram, she is mainly focussing on the social-media part. Sara focusses more on the blogs on our website, and eventually on the logistic side. We both spend time on capturing and editing our videos for Youtube.  We’re currently having two helping hands for our pictures on Instagram and our graphic design, which are two close friends of ours.

What are your plans for the future? 

Our current content focusses mainly on our experiences with our daxes. In the future, we’re going to show you travel experiences and our progress in receiving our motorcycle-license. We enjoy riding our daxes, but if there’s one thing about it that is less nice, is that a lot of countries are way too far away to ride with a 50cc bike. We like the idea of motorcycles that you see more of your environment than when driving a car. The current plan is to start our lessons in about half a year and sharing our progress of it. When we got our own motorcycles, we would love to make more videos of our trips for you, and upload this on YouTube. 

If you still have any questions you can leave them in the comments below or on our Instagram! (@Dutchventura)

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