Upcoming trip: 5-day duo trip Holland & Belgium Planning + Questions | SARA

Upcoming trip: 5-day duo trip Holland & Belgium Planning + Questions | SARA

In a few days, Michelle and I are going on a five-day roadtrip with our Skyteam dax 50cc. In total, we will take off about 400 km. If you’re interested in our planning and how we will cope with traveling during corona-time, keep on reading. We also have some questions about traveling by motorcycle or moped that you might answer. 

We are going to travel for five days in total; three days in Belgium and two days in Holland. You can see the route in the map below. Since it’s our first time we’re going to travel by dax for more than one day, we decided to stay close to Holland in case something would happen. Also, our first plan was to stay the nights at campsites but to make it a bit easier for us we decided to stay at hostels (by Airbnb).

On the first day, we will travel to a town called Oost-Souburg. This day has the longest distance to our destination; about 140 km. By bike, it would take about seven hours. We expect it to take five hours (without breaks) by dax. 

On day two, we will continue our ride to Ghent in Belgium.This should only take about three hours since Ghent is not that far away from the border of Holland. We have to take a ferry from ‘Vlissingen’ to ‘Breskens’ to cross the water. We’re staying in Ghent for two nights,

so that we have some time to visit the city since we haven’t been to this city before.

Because it’s a city apartment, we hope we’ll find a safe place to store our daxes. 

The following day (day four) we will ride to Bergen op Zoom, a city in Holland. For this, we’ll have to cross Antwerp. Hopefully, we won’t get into any problems here because of Covid-19. Antwerp, not only the city but the whole province, has ‘code orange’, which means you’re only allowed to visit this area when it’s necessary. The best thing for us to do would be going around Antwerp, but this would be a big detour. So our plan is to cross it without stopping to eat or refuel, but we can always adjust the route once we are there. 

On day five we will return back home from Bergen op Zoom, which has a distance of 100 km, which will take us around four hours. 

One day before we leave we will do a check-up for our daxes to make sure everything is okay and minimize the chances of something happening to them while traveling.

Also, I recently noticed that my own dax shakes a bit more than it used to do while riding, especially when riding around 45 km/h. I hope we’ll find out what causes this and hopefully it can be fixed before we’re leaving. 

This is all we have planned for now. We do not like planning everything in detail (e.g where we will be eating or taking a break), because we know that once you are traveling, a lot of plans will change anyway :).

We are wondering if you have ever traveled by something else than a car?

And what did you bring? Maybe there are some things that you won’t think of in the first place but you find very handy. Also, how do you safely store your motorcycle/moped, especially when you’re staying in a city apartment or hotel? All kinds of tips and advice are welcome! 

We are very excited and will of course update you of our journey by our Instagram and YouTube.

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  1. Henry

    Hallo Sara en Michelle, ik wens jullie heel veel plezier. Goed uitkijken en lekker relaxen op de bikes….


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