My process of enjoying the Skyteam Dax | SARA

My process of enjoying the Skyteam Dax | SARA

My opinion changed.

I’ve got my Skyteam Dax for about three years now. I bought it from Michelle’s boyfriend, Ygor. He decided to sell his dax after buying another one. One day I was shown a picture of the dax. That time, I didn’t know anything about mopeds, and I remembered seeing the picture and thought; what kind of bike is this? Here in Holland, you don’t see a lot of dax’s. I wasn’t impressed and I honestly thought the bike was a bit odd! The striking, blue color didn’t help with that…

But, I took my first ride, and I loved it. I really enjoyed riding with it. Over time, my love for dax’s kept growing. Also, I realized that a dax in such a good state is quite rare. I decided to buy it and if I look back at it now, I am so glad of that decision. I now love the style and look of my dax, including the bright blue color ;). The amount of ‘thumbs up’ you get from people when riding a dax makes riding it even more fun, haha. 


I also enjoy working on it together with Michelle (with the help of Ygor). As I said, the Skyteam Dax was in a good state when I bought it from Ygor. There weren’t any things that had to be fixed. After a few months, I did the regular check-ups like checking the tires and oil. 

Now that Michelle and I are planning to take longer trips together, some parts had to be renewed. For instance, the chain has been completely renewed and a few lamps on the dashboard didn’t work so they have been replaced. After the restorations and renewing of several parts, my Skyteam Dax looks (okay, almost) as new again. 

The first few years of owning a dax I used it mainly for shorter rides like going to school and visiting friends. Now that Michelle got a dax too, I use my dax much more. I am now looking forward to going on trips to other countries with our dax’s. Our current planning is to go to Belgium for a few days and staying at campsites. Of course, we will update you about that on our website and social media. 

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