Is it worth buying a second-hand Skyteam Dax 50cc? | MICHELLE

Is it worth buying a second-hand Skyteam Dax 50cc? | MICHELLE

First Impression.

My first impression of the bike wasn’t so positive, first of all, the person who was selling the bike did not speak Dutch, it had troubles with starting, and there were some issues with the lighting. However, after visiting the person who sold the bike I decided to buy the moped. My boyfriend was convinced he could repair the moped, so of course, I trusted him for this decision.

For €700 euro’s I finally bought the moped.

The next day my boyfriend and I decided to check out the moped and look at all the things that should be replaced and fixed. After one problem we found another problem and so on. Luckily nothing was wrong with the engine, however there were some minor problems that we came across.

The main problems that we needed to fix were;

  • the front, back, and flashing lights, they didn’t work due to wrong cable connection.
  • brake pump was broken
  • The Brake hose needed some replacement
  • both tires needed replacement
  • The battery should be replaced

There were some other small problems that I replaced, but they weren’t necessarily causing any major problems. The total costs of replacing the parts were around €200 euro’s.

Is buying a (cheap) second-hand Skyteam Dax worth it? 

So for the people wondering, was it worth it? I have to say I was really doubting whether it was worth it as it took 2 weeks to repair the Dax. I am not a mechanic and I have small to no knowledge about repairing any vehicle (I am learning though 😉). Luckily I have a boyfriend who does have knowledge of repairing mechanical stuff so I definitely saved  costs on the service part. With the final cost of €900 euro’s I have to say, yes it was worth it, also because I could shoot some content.

My advice to you if you ever want to buy a second-hand moped.

If you are a person with a smaller budget, who is patient and has knowledge of fixing a moped, then there are no problems of buying a moped with minor problems it could even be fun. nonetheless if you don’t, then please save yourself some stress (haha). Look around for a pricier moped which had recent service or a just a brand new one, this will keep you away from one problem after another. 

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