REVIEW: GoPro Hero 8 Experience + Tips | DUTCHVENTURA

REVIEW: GoPro Hero 8 Experience + Tips | DUTCHVENTURA

About one month ago, we purchased the GoPro Hero 8 Black for capturing our trips, especially on our daxes. We would like to share our current experience with the camera and give our opinion about the main specifications.

When did we purchase the GoPro Hero 8?

We purchased the GoPro Hero 8 when we decided to create our brand name ‘Dutchventura’. We’ve always liked creating beautiful memories of our adventures plus we would love to inspire other people to do more of what they love to do. When we both got a Skyteam Dax, we decided to create content of our rides by placing the camera on our helmets and capturing the trip.

At first, we couldn’t decide which GoPro we should buy. We were thinking of buying an older version like the GoPro Hero 6 or Hero 7 since the prices are lower than the newest version; the Hero 8 Black (as students, 350 euros isn’t a small price). But since we both value great quality and we want to film in high quality like 4K, we decided to spend the money on the newest version. The Hero 8 Black also has a high stabilization function which is important when filming on a vehicle.

What are your experiences until now?

Firstly, the stabilization of the camera is (almost) perfect; you can definitely use it with heavy shaking activities. The GoPro Hero 8 has the HyperSmooth 2.0 function which makes looking back at the video memorable and leaves you satisfied.

The battery durability instead, is not what we expected. We expected it to last longer. We could film around one hour with one battery and we have one spare battery which means we could film around two hours. That’s not so nice as we would like to film our full journey, which will mostly be around four hours. However, it probably depends on which mode you are filming. We like to film everything in 4K which is the highest quality, but filming in 1080p does make the battery durability longer, however still not as long as you would expect (according to Techradar (2019) it has a durability of two hours per battery on a lower resolution than 4K). So, from our experience, we are not very satisfied with the battery durability of the GoPro Hero 8. 

Further, we do like the microphone; it catches and records the sounds nicely and clearly. The only thing that’s quite annoying is the sound of the wind while filming on the dax. The GoPro has a function that should automatically remove the wind-sound, but we still hear the wind in our videos. However, maybe we didn’t set the settings correctly, so that’s something we’ll still have to try out and maybe it will eventually work. 

Lastly, we really like the wide view of the videos. You can see a lot of the environment and even when you’re holding the camera close to your face or to someone else, it looks like you’re filming from further away, which we think is nice. We also enjoy using the timelapse function. Of course you can edit any video into a timelapse video, but it saves time and memory space on your SD-card. 

Where do we mount the GoPro camera?

When we purchased the GoPro, we choose for a basic kit together with the camera. This contained a small tripod, an extra battery, an SD-card and stickers for attaching the camera on a surface. We applied these on our helmets, so for now we mount our camera on the top of our helmets. 

We are planning to buy more accessories like a side-mount so that we could film from the side of our helmets, which lowers the view and makes the view more as if you’re seeing everything from the person’s perspective. We would also like to mount our GoPro on the handle-bar of our mopeds and future motorcycle.

How do we edit the GoPro videos?

We are currently editing in two programs: ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ and ‘Movie Studio Platinum 14’. These are two editing softwares that needs to be paid for and require a high performing computer. The programs are quite big and the videos that are imported to your computer take a lot of space. Another editing tool is the GoPro application which you can easily download on your phone or tablet. It’s easy to use and free. 

In the future we would like to invest in a new computer/laptop so that we’re able to quickly and easily edit our videos.

Are we satisfied with the quality?

We can’t complain; we have never experienced a camera better than this. So yes, we are definitely satisfied with the camera. It was pretty new to both of us so it required watching instruction video’s of how the camera works, and how to film ‘professionally’.

Some of our favorite Youtubers explaining how the camera works are: Jake Rich and Jan Klaeui (see the two videos below).

What we like:

  • The outstanding filming quality in 4K
  • Hypersmooth 2.0
  • Super wide view
  • TimeWarp 2.0
  • Pre-sets make everything easier

What we don’t like:

  • The battery life, it does not last long, especially when filming in 4K
  • The GoPro gets hot quickly

Tips for you!

  • Watch video’s on YouTube before messing with the GoPro
  • Turn off voice recognition if you really don’t need it (it saves battery life)
  • Buy an extra battery or take a powerbank with you
  • DO NOT forget your SD-card, without one you can’t film (saying this out of experience…)
  • Do not use the GoPro app too often, and don’t leave the app ‘open’ on your phone. It will take a lot of battery life of your GoPro
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